Adapt and Thrive Leadership (ATL) Program


A 2 day in-person event to help business leaders adapt and thrive in the era of HyperChange, so they can confidently lead WITHOUT risk of burnout EVER again!

⸺ Adapt and Thrive

May I tell you our story?

As I sit down to share the story behind our upcoming event, "Adapt and Thrive: How to Lead Your Team to Success in the Era of HyperChange," I can't help but reflect on the journey that led me here.

For years, I've worked as a business consultant, helping companies navigate the turbulent waters of change and transformation. Alongside me, my wife, a clinical psychologist, has been on a parallel path, guiding individuals through personal growth and development.

Together, we've witnessed firsthand the profound impact that rapid change can have on people's lives. We've seen the stress, the overwhelm, and the burnout that so often accompany the relentless pace of modern life. And yet, amidst the chaos, we've also seen resilience, adaptability, and the remarkable capacity for growth that lies within each of us.

It was this shared understanding – this passion for helping others not just survive, but thrive in the face of change – that inspired us to create "Adapt and Thrive."

Our two-day live event is more than just a program; it's a culmination of our collective expertise and experiences. It's a space where individuals and teams can come together to learn, grow, and forge a path forward in the era of HyperChange.

We look forward to meeting you!

Chris and Tanya



⸺ Adaptive Strategic Leadership

Is this program for you?

Ever since COVID-19, our world has be uprooted in a flux of constant change. There is no going back to the "ways things were". Demands on our time are increasing, and expectations are set to "Do more, with less, but do it faster".

This program is for you, if you want to:

  • learn techniques to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the business world, with confidence and resilience
  • lead your teams confidently when your people are looking to you for certainty when the world is continually changing
  • learn new skills to confidently lead your teams during the process of adaption, transformation, and growth
  • ensure you are strong enough to lead and be the best leader you can be
  • get $&#@ done quickly and need to push past the feelings of frustration, procrastination, distraction, or inability to achieve goals as quickly as you want

⸺ Build your Modern Leadership skills

Learn what it take to be an adaptive and strategic leader

Step outside the hustle and bustle of your standard work routine and join us on the shore of Lake Cooby to learn a refreshing new approach to modern leadership.

Adaptive Strategic Leadership is an experiential program and not something you can read from a book or blog, or learn from watching Youtube videos.

We invite you to discover what it takes to be adaptive and strategic in the modern world of constant change.

This unique experiential program includes:

  • Stay ahead: of the curve and learn about key global trends
  • Prepare: for the era of HyperChange, where layers of change are impacting every part of work and life.
  • Learn wellbeing and healthy mindset techniques: including Breathwork, Music, and Ice Cold bathing which are helpful for preparing for high stress situations where agility and clarity of mind is absolutely necessary
  • Mindset: Cultivate a Smarter and Faster mindset so you are prepared to adapt and respond quickly to solve problems
  • Values compass: Build your compass to make fast decisions based on your personal and team values
  • Adaptive Teamwork - Build Team Leadership skills so you can collaborate with your team and build resilience within your team whilst rapidly adapting to changes
  • Create Strategy in a Hurry - Learn professional techniques used by experienced management consultants so you can facilitate and create a one page strategy which clearly outlines the outcomes you want to achieve, the risks you will mitigate, and the actions you need to take. We will teach you a valuable and unique technique called a 'Strategic Outcomes Chain'TM.
  • Apply your new knowledge and energise your team

⸺ Your team deserve the best of you

Enrol Now and Transform Your Leadership Journey!

Join the ASL program and emerge as a leader equipped to thrive in the face of uncertainty. Our experiential training approach ensures that you not only learn the theory but also apply it in real-world scenarios, making the learning experience dynamic and impactful.

📆  Don't miss this opportunity to become an Adaptive Strategic Leader and lead with confidence in a world of chaos and change. Secure your spot today and take the first step toward a future of leadership excellence! 🌟

Location: Reflections 239 Loveday Road, Geham
What to bring: Yourself, laptop, water bottle, hat, clothes including something for water activities.

What’s included:

  • 2 Day Leadership program
  • Training Workbook: We provide you with a workbook on Adaptive Strategic Leadership so you can understand the theory you will put into practice
  • Accommodation included, with accommodation available on Monday night. Longer accommodation options are available.
  • Meals included from Monday (morning tea, lunch, afternoon team, and dinner) to Tuesday (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea)
  • Dietary options catered
  • Full experiential training program
  • Ice Bath (optional, not mandatory)
  • Additional night's accommodation available upon booking
  • Private and secluded training environment with onsite staff



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