Our Venue

⸺ Escape to the outdoors

Green spaces as far as the eye can see

Reflections Lake Cooby is a scenic 30-minute drive north from Toowoomba, or a 2-hour trip west from Brisbane through idyllic countryside views.

Our property boasts sprawling green spaces that span 50 acres — that's about five-and-a-half times as big as Federation Square in Melbourne or about 800 times as big as a tennis court!

From the moment you arrive, you will begin to feel a sense of calm sweep over you as you absorb all that nature has to offer here. We welcome you to explore the grounds and make yourself at home.

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⸺ Panoramic Waterfront Views

An enchanting lakescape to inspire your stay

The beautiful Lake Cooby from which we've derived our name has played a significant part in many events, setting the scene of charm and romance for our guests.

Lake Cooby opened in 1942 and serves as safe water supply for the Toowoomba region. With a surface area spanning 3 km², the lake is tested regularly to ensure safety standards, and is also a flora and fauna reserve for natural wildlife.

This unique waterfront access also allows us to provide exciting water-based activities for our guests, including kayaking, canoeing, and sailing.

⸺ Loveday barn

Step into a piece of history

The estate that is now Reflections Lake Cooby was formerly owned by the Loveday family in the early 1900s, and held in the family for many decades as a working farm. We are proud to be custodians of this historical site and fortunate to be part of preserving it for future generations to enjoy.

The original barn that was built some 100 years ago still remains here on the estate, which we have named "Loveday Barn" and refurbished with modern and practical touches alongside its original rustic aesthetic to make it a welcoming space for guests.

The Loveday Barn can comfortably fit around 60 guests and has access to BBQ and firepit facilities.

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⸺ Lakeside Marquee

Combine serenity and style to leave your guests in awe

Our spacious Lakeside Marquee overlooks the sparkling Lake Cooby, and is exactly what you’re looking for to host and enjoy your event in style.

With silk lining, twinkling chandeliers, and festoon-lit lawn, this large indoor-outdoor space can fit up to 300 guests and is the perfect canvas for you to furnish and style to your taste.

⸺ Multipurpose function centre

A private space set against a natural landscape

Our renovated and comfortable air-conditioned function centre contains two large areas, and is perfect for out-of-weather events including conferences, award ceremonies, seminars, launches, and formal dinners.

This space can accommodate up to 120 guests, and among the handy space inclusions are a smartboard, television, and projector.



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⸺ On-site activities

Enjoy unique activities ranging from chill to thrill

Reflections Lake Cooby has everything you need to provide you and your guests with various activities that suit different paces and themes.

From a relaxing sail on Lake Cooby, to an exciting descent down our giant water slide, to a heart-racing high ropes course and more — you choose your own adventure, aided by our trained team members who are here to support you at every step of the way.

⸺ On-site accommodation

Your home away from home

You will be spoilt for choice with our accommodation options here at Reflections Lake Cooby.

Feel like camping under the stars and getting back to basics? We can arrange that for you with our classic tents and hutchies.

Rather add a touch of luxe? Our spacious bell tents are equipped with electricity, lighting, as well as heating for those chilly nights.

Prefer to bunk together with your mates? No worries, as we have 18 newly-built cabins, with each room accommodating up to eight people.

Looking for the best view of the lake? Stay up high and enjoy unbelievable sceneries right from our cozy lakehouse.

View our Accommodations page for the latest information.

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Whole Site Map

⸺ Venue map

A sprawling natural venue that's yours to enjoy

There's a whole lot to do and see at Cooby Reflections.

Want to see what our entire venue looks like and how you can make the most of your time here with your group?

Download a free map of our site below.

Enjoy a breathtaking experience like no other.